Blood diseases

Blood diseases are classified into four separate categories, allocated depending on the defeat of the components that make up the blood - platelet count, red blood cells, plasma and white blood cells. Blood diseases like polycythemia and anemia caused by abnormalities of red blood cells, thrombocytopenia occurs due to the occurrence of platelet abnormalities, leukemia and leukopenia associated with a violation of the number of leukocytes and their production in the body. In connection with plasma abnormalities, a fairly wide group of blood diseases occurs, which include hemophilia A and agammaglobulinemia, radiation sickness also leads to various kinds of blood diseases.

Although in recent years many drugs have appeared that use the proportion of normalization of blood composition, they are still widely used. folk methods treatment of blood diseases that have virtually no side effects on the human body and do not affect the condition of the liver.

Red blood cell abnormalities

Anemia - one of the blood diseases, characterized by a significant decrease in the level of red blood cells in the blood, in some cases it manifests itself as a drop hemoglobinlocated in red blood cells. The disease occurs due to various reasons, among which the following processes stand out:

  • a decrease in hemoglobin or erythrocyte production, in which the process of cell destruction goes beyond the normal level;
  • erythrocyte destruction occurs at an accelerated pace, this condition is commonly called hemolytic anemia;
  • loss of a large number of red blood cells as a result of a strong one-time bleeding or regular short bleeding, this subspecies of anemia is classified as posthemorrhagic anemia.

It must be remembered that one cause of anemia is extremely rare, quite often this blood disease is caused by a combination of several reasons.

Traditional methods have been successfully used to treat anemia, and many recipes have been developed, the use of which can significantly improve the condition of patients.

On a grater, it is necessary to grate radish, carrots and beets separately, then squeeze the resulting juice and merge it into a transparent glass bottle in an equal volume. On all sides, the bottle should be coated with the usual dough, but not hermetically, allowing the liquid that is infused in it to evaporate freely. Turn the oven on to a very small fire, heat it and put a bottle there for three hours so that the root juice can warm up and infuse. The resulting product is used when anemia, the course of treatment is three months, the liquid is taken three times a day, one tablespoon before meals.

Large Green Variety Apples "Antonovka" finely chop and put unsalted lard in the interior, mix the resulting mixture thoroughly and put on a small fire in the oven so that the resulting mixture is cooked. Then take 12 yolks, it is better from home eggs, thoroughly grind with a glass of sugar until smooth, rub 400 grams of dark chocolate into it, using the smallest grater. Mix the resulting mass with a mixture of apples baked in bacon, refrigerate, and take it three times a day daily before meals, just spread on bread, washed down with warm milk. Such a tool not only helps to quickly cure anemia, but also has a positive effect on the condition of the lungs, and cures of mild forms. tuberculosis, significantly improves well-being, allows you to bring a person out of an exhausted state.

In the treatment of anemia help and dog-rose fruit. Five tablespoons of dried fruit should be chopped, poured with a liter of water and boiled over a fire for ten minutes, then wrap the container with the liquid in a warm blanket and insist until morning, and then just drink warm or cold instead of tea. Rosehip infusion, rich in vitamin C, improves the human metabolism, perfectly cleanses the circulatory system, it perfectly blinks with anemia and scurvydiseases of the bladder and kidneys.

Grated carrots mixed with vegetable oil or sour cream, perfectly helps with anemia, such a mixture should be taken daily in the morning, on an empty stomach. In diet therapy, watermelon is used, honey is widely used. For the treatment of anemia, it is better to use dark honey, rich in minerals, it should be consumed several times a day, better mixed in goat milk. With anemia, it is recommended to use as much garlic as possible in writing, or use a tincture that is easy to prepare on your own. You need to take 300 grams of garlic, peel it thoroughly, then pour a liter of alcohol and insist in a dark place for three weeks. Then take 20 drops before meals, stirring the garlic tincture in a glass of milk.

Polycythemia, although it is associated with an abnormality of red blood cells, its manifestation is associated with their excessive level in the blood. The reasons for the occurrence of polycythemia are still unknown to scientists, and the disease itself is characterized, in addition to a significant increase in the level of red blood cells, many times exceeding the norm, an increase in the number of platelets and leukocytes. The development of polycythemia is also influenced by external factors leading to poor blood binding of the molecules of the oxygen in its composition. The growth of red blood cells in the blood is characteristic of the population of high mountain regions, for example, residents of villages located high in the Andes, the same symptoms appear in people suffering from chronic circulatory disorders in the lungs.

Platelet anomalies

Currently, science knows several types of platelet abnormalities, including thrombocytopenia - a sharp decrease in the number of platelets in the blood, thrombocytosis - a significant excess of the norm of the number of red blood cells in the blood. Sometimes there is another platelet anomaly associated with a change in their composition and shape. Thrombocytopenia, most often associated with platelet abnormalities, occurs due to excessive spleen activity or due to significant damage to the bone marrow, this disease most often proceeds as an isolated disorder, but can be combined with a complex of other blood diseases, such as polycythemia.

Leukocyte abnormalities

Anomalies of leukocytes are manifested in two ways, and blood diseases in this case are associated either with their overabundance in human blood, or with a significant decrease in their level, in both cases there is a deviation from the norm of leukocytes.

Leukopenia - one of the diseases associated with an abnormality of leukocytes. It is classified into several subspecies, including neutropenia and lymphopenia, as a result of these diseases, the number of white cells in the blood decreases. With neutropenia, a decrease is observed neutrophils, one of the constituents of white blood cells. This disease often occurs as a complication after a person’s infectious diseases, in which the body temperature rises significantly, leading to a decrease in white cells in the blood. These infections include measles and flu, rubella, Infectious mononucleosis, piggy, typhoid fever, often a change in the number of white blood cells is caused by various drugs and poisoning with toxic substances.

Lymphopenia characterized by a decrease in the level of leukocytes in the blood, this disease is often caused by x-ray irradiation, it can be triggered by radiation sickness, as well as violations of the immune system and Hodgkin's disease.

Leukemiaknown and called "leukemia", - not one disease, but a whole group of diseases, which is characterized by the transformation of blood cells into malignant tumors, abnormal cells are produced in unlimited quantities and gradually displace normal bone marrow cells. Leukemia occurs when blood cells degenerate into dangerous cancer cells, usually not all degenerate cell types, but only white blood cells of the same type.Despite the development of modern medicine, scientists cannot explain the cause of leukemia at the moment.

With such a dangerous circulatory system diseases immature or abnormal cells appear in the blood, and subsequently cancer infiltrates appear in the form of tumors and seals that can occur in various parts of the human body. If such altered cells appear in the bone marrow, anemia joins the leukemia.

A disease that is often fatal is divided into two subtypes - lymphocytic leukemia and myeloid leukemia. With lymphocytic leukemia, leukocytes degenerate, and with myelogenous leukemia - other blood cells, called myelocytes or granulocytes, malignant degeneration of two types of cells at once is extremely rare in practice. The protein content in malignant cells deviates from the norm, and abnormal blood cells themselves are characterized by an altered form.

Leukemia is divided into chronic and sharp, in the acute form of this blood disease, the cells that make up it remain completely immature. They do not carry the functional load that normal blood cells must perform. During the acute form of leukemia, the disease is very difficult, urgent medical intervention is required. The chronic form of leukemia is less dangerous for the patient’s life, while the blood cells, despite their degeneration, are quite mature, the disease itself proceeds rather slowly, and with minimal supportive therapy, the patient can live for many more years.

For leukemia treatment or to slow down the development of this blood disease, along with drug treatment, alternative methods of treating blood diseases are also used. You can independently prepare a remedy based on horse chestnut, while the inflorescence in the form of a candle needs to be carefully cut, then remove the column, separating it from the flowers. The flowers of horse chestnut need to be dried by putting them on a blank sheet of paper or on a newspaper, and then pour one tablespoon of dried flowers in a glass of boiling water and simply insist for six hours. Such a tincture should be taken in half a glass, while more than a liter of such liquid can be drunk per day.

From leukemia, another folk remedy helps. You can prepare the mixture by taking half a liter of aloe juice, half a liter of cahors, 200 grams of calamus root and 500 grams of meadow honey, chop the calamus root well, and then mix the components thoroughly. The resulting mixture must be infused for two weeks in a dark place, for example, in the pantry. Take one tablespoon daily, an hour before meals, with a mixture of oregano. You can prepare another mixture of 200 grams of calamus root, half a liter of cognac, and 500 grams of honey, which is infused and used in the same way.

With leukemia, it is advisable to use a folk remedy made on the basis of dichoricans, in common people this plant is called a "golden mustache". To do this, you need to mix buckwheat honey and chopped golden mustache in equal parts, then pour the mixture with cahors, the volume of which is twice the mass of honey. Such a mixture will have to be infused for forty days, then taken three times a day before meals in a tablespoon, washed down with a simple decoction of horse chestnut flowers. To prepare the decoction itself, you need to use the proportion: one tablespoon of dried flowers per liter of water.

Another medicine that can help with leukemia can be made from 50 grams of inoculated buckwheat, 45 grams of dried rose hips, 5 grams of ordinary muzzle seeds. Mix all components, then grind the mixture. Then take 2 tablespoons of the mixture and steam it in a thermos for two hours, pour half a liter of boiling water. Strain the tincture and take four times a day in half a glass, seizing the broth with one teaspoon of pollen, the course of treatment lasts a month.

You can take young annual pine needles, 2 tablespoons of pre-chopped dried rose hips, 4 tablespoons of onion husks, 2 tablespoons of wild olive leaves. Measure the resulting mixture with a glass, pour into a liter pan, pour water to the top, put on the stove and bring to a boil. Wrap in something warm and insist all night, then strain through gauze and pour into a glass bottle, take daily from half a liter, constantly increasing the dose, replacing this broth with water and other drinks.

A folk remedy for leukemia can be made on the basis of rye bran, which is simply poured with boiling water, and then languished in the oven. Strain the resulting tincture, and then add honey in an amount of 20-30% of its volume to the liquid. The simplest recipe to reduce blood leukocyte counts involves a drink of 200 grams of raw water with the addition of honey and apple cider vinegar, one teaspoon each, it can be consumed without any restrictions.

Plasma abnormalities

To occurrence radiation sickness leads even a single exposure to the human body of ionizing radiation, the amount of which is many times higher than the maximum permissible rate. Radiation sickness can develop not only due to general exposure, but also when radioactive substances enter the human body through the respiratory system, or when eating, or when drinking contaminated water.

In case of radiation sickness, it is recommended to consume healing kvass and enzymes made from lactic acid bacteria. Enzymes can be prepared on their own, for this it is necessary to lower a glass of fresh or dried celandine grass in a bag of gauze in a three-liter jar with a load, and the leaves and the stem are used. Pour the bottle to the top with whey, and then just add a teaspoon of sour cream, best made from homemade goat milk. On top of the bottle you need to cover with gauze, folded in four layers, so that the drug does not attract wine flies.

Within two to three weeks, the composition must be infused in a dark, dry place so that strong lactic acid bacteria can form in the liquid. The healing properties of bacteria are determined by the products of their activity, which are able to perfectly renew and clean any surface wherever they fall. Taking such a medicine in half a glass half an hour before meals for two weeks allows you to completely clean the mucous surface of the stomach and intestines, removing heavy metals such as mercury, thallium, lead, bismuth, as well as unhealthy radionuclides from the body.

Conventional radionuclides will help eggshell, it is necessary only from two to six grams daily, you just need to carefully crush the shell in a mortar, and then take it in the morning, stirring the resulting powder in porridge or in cottage cheese. You can use grated birch mushroom, known as chaga, in the proportion of one tablespoon per glass of water, the broth is infused for only ten minutes, drink one tablespoon half an hour before eating.

Chokeberry juice is excellent for preventing radiation sickness. To remove radioactive substances from the stomach, you need to eat bran, steaming them in boiling water, and seaweed.Radiation sickness requires an increased amount of fruit in the patient’s diet, bird cherry and apricots, grapes and viburnum, thorn fruits, peaches, plums and cherries should be present.

With plasma anomalies in humans, an increased tendency to bleeding, both after various kinds of injuries, and absolutely spontaneous. Bleeding provokes a decrease in the number of proteins in the plasma, which are responsible for blood coagulation. Plasma abnormalities may occur hemophilia Awhen any cut of a mile, even a minor wound, can lead to bleeding. Another disease associated with plasma abnormalities is called agammaglobulinemia, it is associated with a low level of antibodies in the blood and their insufficient synthesis. Congenital or acquired agammaglobulinemia is primarily associated with a defect in plasma cells and lymphocytes, because of which the normal synthesis of immunoglobulins stops. With the congenital form of this disease, some patients die in childhood, other patients can be successfully treated with ordinary injections of gamma globulin.

Hemophilia A refers to a blood disease characterized by a high tendency to bleeding. With this hereditary disease, a lack of certain proteins is observed in the blood plasma, due to which the blood practically does not clot, which is a fundamental factor for the occurrence of bleeding. In 80% of patients suffering from this disease, a deficiency in plasma is diagnosed antihemophilic globulin. The cause of Hemophilia A is a genetic disorder, in 50% of patients this blood disease is hereditary and has a family character.

At the same time, only men suffer from hemophilia A, and the severity of the disease and its manifestation is different for each patient, it depends on the degree of genetic disorder characteristic of one particular family. Patients with hemophilia previously rarely lived to adulthood.

In the treatment of hemophilia and minimizing its manifestations, the following alternative methods of treating blood diseases help. The composition of Japanese sophora, astragalus grass, dandelion root and alfalfa, yarrow grass, which must be mixed in equal parts, will help increase blood coagulation. You can also prepare a mixture of the root of the highlander snake, arnica, coriander fruits, grass of the shepherd’s bag, the root of the bloodthirst in equal proportions. You can recommend another mixture, consisting of the roots of frankincense and elecampane, alder cones, herbs, repeshushka, grushanka and knotweed, which also need to be mixed equally.

To enlarge blood coagulation, you can use a mixture of the following herbs - a shepherd’s bag, immortelle flowers, Veronica grass and calamus root, oak bark. There is another effective mixture, including yarrow, dandelion root, hemophilus root, immortelle flowers, bird cherry fruit and elecampane root.

Decoctions from all collections are prepared according to the same principle, the collection is crushed, then two tablespoons of the mixture are poured with a liter of boiling water and boiled for ten minutes over low heat. All this merges into a thermos without straining, and insists until the morning. Take 100 grams half an hour before meals for three months, then you should take a two-week break, and then continue treatment using another mixture. If external bleeding occurs from a cut or from a wound, the prepared herbal collection can be used as lotions.

Manifestations of hemophilic bleeding can be minimized by eating underground peanuts, but this folk remedy must be used in combination with drug treatment. Peanuts can be used raw, or taken in a slightly toasted form daily, 100 grams half an hour before a meal. During bleeding characteristic of hemophilia A, you need to take a decoction of strawberry leaves for a teaspoon every two hours. To prepare it, you need two glasses of water and a tablespoon of leaves, the broth can be replaced with freshly squeezed juice from strawberries.

Sepsis and its treatment

Sepsis - a disease whose name comes from the Greek word "sepsis", which in translation into Russian means "decay". This disease of an infectious nature occurs if pyogenic microorganisms, the waste products of which are toxins. Pathogens can be caused by pathogens such as E. coli, pneumococci, staphylococci and streptococci. As a rule, the cause of sepsis is inflamed wounds in which pus accumulates, it can also appear as a result of purulent diseases - phlegmon, carbuncle, boils. In women, sepsis often manifests itself after complicated delivery or abortion, as well as infection of urine and immunodeficiencies.

Traditional methods of treating blood diseases to minimize the manifestations of sepsis include recipes that allow you to cleanse the blood. You need to eat red products - red cabbage and cranberries, grapes and blackberries, cherries and beets. Crumpled nettle leaves must be applied to the ulcer or inflamed wound, this will help stop the infection of the blood.

An excellent natural remedy that cleanses the blood well is cranberry juice. To obtain the desired effect, it must be taken daily in half a glass three times a day in the first week of treatment, twice a day for the second week of treatment, once a day for the third week.

Blood can be cleaned with a drink consisting of tea, mixed with milk, prepared in the following proportions. First, pour in a cup of milk up to 20% of its volume, top up a strong tea brew, and then only add a pinch of salt. To increase the effectiveness of the drink, carefully ground dandelion root can be added to the mixture. This mixture can only be consumed for one week, and in the afternoon, in addition to the main components, it is recommended to add a little honey to the cup. A day after the first adoption of such a drink, the patient needs an enema to help his body get rid of toxins.

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