Numbness of the hands

Numbness of the hands is a condition in which a person feels a tingling sensation of discomfort and "goosebumps". Numbness of the hands can occur as a result of a number of diseases, and due to the influence of some external factors.

How does numbness of the hands manifest?

Numbness of the hands at night, as well as in the process of active movement during the day, indicates that a person has circulatory disorders in the hands. As a rule, people with circulatory disorders complain of numbness in their hands at night. Numbness in the fingers and in the hand as a whole can be felt when in a dream a person bends his arm at the elbow. Sometimes numbness of the limbs of the hands is noted with pregnancy.

If a person has numbness of the upper limbs, then, as a rule, he feels a tingling sensation in his numb fingers and hands. A feeling of chilliness, constriction is manifested, burning sensation can also be felt. In this case, as a rule, it is difficult to determine how to treat numbness of the hands, since this condition in most cases is associated with certain diseases.

With numbness of the hands, a person experiences a rather unpleasant sensation. However, sometimes, even realizing that numbness of the hands is associated with a violation of blood flow, the patient does not imagine how serious his standing can be. Sometimes this symptom suggests that serious problems are manifested in the functioning of the human cardiovascular system. Therefore, with the regular manifestation of numbness of the hands, you should definitely consult a doctor.

You should definitely visit a neurologist if, in addition to numbness, weakness, pain is felt, sensitivity is lost, along with numbness there is a violation of coordination of movements. An alarming condition is when a person cannot distinguish warm water from cold water.

Why does numbness of the hands occur?

The causes of numbness of the hands and feet are most often associated with the development of the disease. Accordingly, the treatment of this condition in most cases occurs during the treatment of the underlying disease.

Most often, numbness is associated with compression of the nerves, which causes a number of reasons. It is, first of all, osteochondrosis and other spinal problems. Periodic numbness of the extremities is also manifested in connection with a deficiency in the human body Vitamin B12. The fact is that this vitamin is actively involved in metabolic processes. And if there is a lack of it, then the person gets tired very quickly, his heart rhythm is broken, and a violation of sensitivity is also noted.

At Raynaud's diseasea person has circulatory disorders of the arteries, which leads to periodic numbness of the hands and feet. People with Raynaud's disease have numbness, as well as very rapid freezing, cyanosis of the fingers.

Numbness is possible with neuropathy, which develops as a result of intoxication or metabolic disorders. In this condition, patients complain of "stiffness" of the limbs. Neuropathy is often observed in patients. diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and etc.

Numbness of the limbs may accompanyl ischemic stroke lower cerebellar and vertebral arteries. In more rare cases, the hands become numb due to hyperventilation, in which, in a state of fear, a person has frequent and shallow breathing.

Numbness of the limbs in a dream and during a person’s wakefulness often occurs with osteochondrosis, intervertebral hernias. Perhaps periodic night numbness of the hands with vitamin deficiency, a lack of certain trace elements in the body, and alcohol abuse. This symptom manifests itself in patients. diabetes, multiple sclerosisat transient ischemic attacksat blood flow disorders. Also, numbness of the hands can be observed with compression of the nerve in certain areas, with damage to the nerves due to deformation of the joints, as well as damage to nerves that are associated with hereditary ailments.

Causes of numbness at night are often associated with an uncomfortable pillow or taking an uncomfortable posture during sleep. As a rule, in such cases, you need to try to sleep on another pillow, fall asleep in a different position, and the cause of numbness of the limbs of the hands will be eliminated. When the numbness gradually disappears after a change of position, a person feels a tingling sensation in a numb limb.

However, if the causes of numbness of the fingers in a dream are not associated with posture, but at the same time this condition manifests itself very often, then you should consult a doctor about this. Numbness of the fingers in a dream may be associated with the development of carpal tunnel syndrome. Most often, this disease is observed in people who are forced to constantly be in the same position for a long time and strain their hands. With the development of this ailment in a dream, a person can feel not only numbness at night during sleep, but also pain in the fingers. Possible numbness of the fingertips of the right hand or left hand. Numbness of the little fingers of both hands may indicate the development of osteochondrosis.

In some people, depending on the type of activity and the characteristics of the posture they take, numbness of individual fingers may be noted - the thumb, middle finger, index finger, ring finger. In this case, it is necessary to consult with a specialist who will determine how to treat finger numbness. Definitely, the treatment of numbness of the fingers will be associated with the treatment of the disease, the symptom of which is this condition.

Sometimes women complain of numbness of the fingertips during pregnancy. As a rule, this happens in the third trimester, when a woman is seriously worried about swelling, in particular, swelling of the hands. In this regard, blood circulation is disturbed. In this case, a pregnant woman should definitely tell her doctor about her feelings, who will explain how to make a special massage and how to adjust her diet. If a woman has numbness of her right hand at night or numbness of her left hand, this may be due to the inconvenience of the sleeping position. In the later stages of pregnancy, the expectant mother can only sleep on her side. Accordingly, after a prolonged sleep in one position, numbness of the right hand, left hand, and numbness of the forearm are noted.

It should be noted that with constant numbness of the hands, certain complications may subsequently be noted. Moreover, we can talk about a variety of circulatory disorders, as well as more serious disorders, up to partial gangrene limbs. Therefore, with an hourly manifestation of numbness of the hands, it is necessary to establish the correct diagnosis in time to avoid serious complications in the future.

Cases of numbness of the fingers have become more frequent since the time when computer equipment came into widespread use. People who work at a computer every day for a long period of time more often suffer from numbness in the fingers due to the uniformity of the work performed. If the necessary therapy is not provided during the management of this symptom, then over time, muscle death may occur, which ensures the movement of the thumb.

How to treat hand numbness?

First of all, the doctor must establish an accurate diagnosis, after which the patient who complains of numbness in the hands is prescribed treatment. How to treat numbness of the left arm or right arm depends on the disease that triggered this symptom. In the process of diagnosis, the doctor conducts a detailed survey, determining the nature and characteristics of numbness (how often such a symptom is observed, which part of the brush is numb). If the patient has numbness of the palm, right or left hand, thumb, little finger, etc., this may indicate a certain disease, which the doctor must take into account.

Often, an osteopath’s treatment is effective, which improves blood flow and metabolism, thereby restoring the normal functioning of nerve endings.

At polyneuropathy, which is a consequence of diabetes mellitus, it is necessary to correct the level of glucose to replenish the supply of B vitamins. It is also prescribed to take medications that improve blood properties and activate peripheral microcirculation.

If the patient has vitamin deficiency and a low level hemoglobin, then, along with other drugs, he is prescribed multivitamin complexes and drugs that can overcome anemia. It is also recommended to practice physiotherapy exercises and physiotherapeutic methods.

In order to prevent the occurrence of numbness in the hands, it is important, first of all, to follow the general recommendations that relate to a healthy lifestyle. It is important to improve the diet, minimizing the amount of preservatives, foods with dyes, alcohol consumed, stop smoking, reduce the amount of coffee. Proper nutrition will help restore the right amount of B vitamins in the body. It is necessary to eat foods of animal origin, not to abuse constant strict diets. Restore normal Vitamin Athe use of red vegetables, carrots, fish oil greens will help. Salads from these vegetables should be seasoned with vegetable oil.

Do not allow too much freezing of hands in frosty weather. If a person notes that his hands freeze very strongly and constantly, then you should immediately consult a doctor so as not to miss the onset of a serious illness.

After your doctor’s approval, you can also practice some methods. traditional medicine. Regular hand baths, which can be prepared from decoctions of mint, sage, are useful. It is necessary to steam one tablespoon of dry grass and add a few tablespoons of salt to the infusion. In such a slurry, hands should be held for about 10 minutes, after which gloves are put on.

There are other recipes in folk medicine. For example, often numb fingers are advised to apply warm gruel from fresh pumpkin. You can also rub a mass of pepper and vegetable oil into your hands. To cook it, you need to add 100 g of black pepper to 1 liter of fresh vegetable oil. This mixture is simmered for 30 minutes, and after cooling, they are rubbed into the skin of the hands several times a day.

With numb hands, you can practice contrasting baths. Hands alternately need to be dipped in very hot and cold water several times.

You can periodically make compresses from honey. Before going to sleep, hands should be smeared with honey and wrapped with a fabric made of natural material. After several procedures, numbness may disappear. Also, hands can be rubbed with a camphor ointment before bedtime. This should be done very intensively until the skin turns red. After grinding, mittens are put on hands.

To prevent numbness of the fingers in the morning, you can do a simple exercise - raise your hands up and squeeze your fingers 30-40 times into a fist and unclench it. Another exercise is done like this: fingers are crossed, after which they need to be squeezed 30 times with great effort.

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