Trifas tablets (Trifas 10) include 10 mg torasemide- active substance.

Additional ingredients:

  • fine silica;
  • lactose monohydrate;
  • magnesium stearate;
  • corn starch.

Release form

Trifas 10 mg is available in the form of tablets of 30, 50 or 100 pieces in one package.

Pharmachologic effect


Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Torasemidebelongs to the group salureticswhose action is to brake renal reabsorption ions chlorineand sodiumin the ascending knee loops Henle. Has fast diureticaction after internal and intravenous use, which reaches its maximum in 2-3 hours and remains effective for almost 12 hours. The diuretic effect is quite strong and is noted even in cases where others diuretics ineffective. Torasemiderelieves swelling, with heart failure reduces the symptoms of the disease and has a beneficial effect on function myocardium, by means of reducing pre- and afterload.

When taking internally antihypertensive act, which develops slowly and reaches the maximum effective within 3 months. Antihypertensivethe effectiveness of Trifas is achieved through OPSS decrease due to the normalization of previously violated electrolyte balance and mainly, decreased activity, in the muscles of the arteries, free Ca2 +. Torasemide is known to decrease vascular susceptibility to internal vasopressorsubstances like catecholamines.

The absorption of torasemide, after internal administration, is complete, quick and takes place for 60-120 minutes, regardless of the meal.

Bioavailability- 80-90%, the connection with plasma proteins is about 99%.

The final conversion products are metabolite M1, M3 (active) and M5 (inactive).

The kinetics of torasemide, as well as its metabolic products, is characterized by a linear relationship, i.e. Cmaxin plasma and Aucincreases in accordance with the dose taken.

in healthy volunteers it was 3-4 hours.

Renal clearance about 10 ml / min at general clearance - 40 ml / min.

It is excreted in 80% with urine, the rest is bile.

Availability renal failure practically does not affect and total clearance of torasemide.

Indications for use

The drug Trifas is used in therapy essential hypertensionas well as for the prevention or treatment of relapses effusionsand / or edemadeveloped due to heart failure.


  • hypovolemia;
  • hypersensitivity to torasemideor other Trifas ingredients;
  • renal failure with anuria;
  • hyponatremia;
  • arterial hypotension;
  • state hepatic coma or precomatous;
  • hypokalemia;
  • expressed pathologies in the system urinating, such as prostatic hypertrophy;
  • childhood;
  • period of breastfeeding.

Side effects

  • itching  skin integument photosensitization, eczema;
  • anemia, leukopenia, thrombocytopenia;
  • predisposition to thrombosis, arterial hypotension;
  • metabolic alkalosishypovolemia, hypokalemia, hypomagnesemia, hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia, hyperuricemia;
  • azotemiaacute urinary retention;
  • dry mouth pancreatitisloss of appetite diarrhea, vomitingincreased activity of liver enzymes, constipation;
  • paresthesia, headachefeeling weak, feeling drowsiness, dizzinessconfusion cramps;
  • visual impairment, noise in ears, deafness.

Pills Trifas, instructions for use

Trifas in the form of tablets is taken orally (orally), one tablet can be divided into two or four parts.

At essential hypertension, instructions for use Trifas 10 mg recommends starting treatment with a quarter of a tablet (2.5 mg) per day. Due to the fact that the effect of the drug is manifested gradually, and the maximum effectiveness is observed only after 3 months, this dosage should be taken throughout this period. After 3 months, in case of insufficient reduction HELL, you can double the dose of Trifas (5 mg). Also, a dose of 5 mg is recommended as the initial in case of failure kidney function or heavy arterial hypertension. A further increase in doses is not advisable and can take place only after consultation with your doctor.

At effusionsand / or edematherapy should be started with 5 mg of Trifas per day (1/2 tablet). In severe cases, an increase in dosage is possible torasemideup to 20 mg per day.


With an overdose, an increase was observed diuresis, in connection with which, development is possible dehydrationwith violations electrolyte exchange. Also manifested drowsinessimpaired consciousness cardiovascular failuresymptomatic arterial hypotension, dyspepticviolations.

Usually symptoms intoxicationpasses on its own with a decrease in the dose of Trifas or its complete cancellation. Conducted infusion therapy to adjust electrolyte balance. Hemodialysisdoes not display torasemidefrom the blood.


Admission Trifas enhances the effects of others antihypertensivefunds, including ACE inhibitors.

With concurrent administration with drugs digitalis(Digoxin), disadvantage potassiumcaused by torasemide can cause increased side effects of both drugs.

Act antidiabeticfunds may decrease when taken torasemide.

NSAIDsand Probenecid lower diureticand as a consequence hypotensiveact.

Possible increased toxic effects salicylates, with a joint admission with Trifas.

Torasemide, especially in high doses, leads to increased oto- and nephrotoxicity cytostaticsand antibioticsaminoglycoside series (kanamycin, tobramycin, Gentamicin), as well as nephrotoxicity cephalosporins.

Laxatives glucocorticoidsand mineralocorticoids, when combined with Trifas, increase potassium loss.

Trifas therapy may enhance effects curariform muscle relaxants and Theophylline.

Concomitant therapy with drugs lithiummay increase its concentration in the blood.

Torasemidemay reduce vasoconstrictor effect catecholamines(Epinephrine, Norepinephrine).

Colestyraminelowers the absorption of torasemide and, as a consequence, its effectiveness.

Terms of sale

To purchase Trifas in a pharmacy, you must have a prescription.

Storage conditions

The drug can be stored at room temperature, away from children and sunlight.

Shelf life

5 years.

Special instructions

Trifas therapy should be monitored continuously electrolyte balance, including potassiumin plasma. It is also necessary to control the levels uric acid, glucose, lipidsand creatinine.

At diabetes you need to monitor the metabolism of carbohydrates.

A regular assessment of the blood picture (content red blood cells, white blood cells, platelet count), as well as monitor the symptoms of blood thickening and loss electrolytesespecially for elderly patients.

Do not prescribe treatment using torasemideat arrhythmias, anemia, violations of acid-base balance, gout, thrombocytopenia.


Matches for ATX Level 4 code:LasixFurosemideBritomarTrigrimTorasemideDiuver

If it is impossible to find Trifas in free sale, you can purchase its analogues. In Russia, such drugs are:

  • Torasemide Canon;
  • Britomar;
  • Trigrim;
  • Diuver;
  • Furosemide.

For children

Trifas, due to insufficient experience in the application, is not prescribed in childhood.

In pregnancy (and lactation)

The use of Trifas during lactation.

During the period of pregnancycan be prescribed only in extreme cases, under strict control and in minimal doses.

Reviews about Trifas

In the circle of doctors using loop diuretics, the drug Trifas receives positive reviews and is the drug of choice. According to many studies, its use allows not only to increase the effectiveness of diuretic therapy, but also to avoid serious complications associated with its appointment. Trifas has a less pronounced effect on the excretion of potassium, magnesium, calcium, etc. and is more effective in comparison with FurosemideIt is easier to tolerate by elderly patients and patients with heart and other diseases.

Among the patient reviews, one can also find a negative opinion about the effectiveness of Trifas. Often you can read complaints about not passing swelling or insufficient diuretic effect. Recall that the action of torasemide develops gradually and the improvement of painful conditions can be noticed, most often, after a month or two of continuous use.

Price Trifas, where to buy

In Ukraine, the price of Trifas 10 mg averages about 30 - 160 hryvnias; No. 50 - 200 hryvnias; No. 100 - 270 hryvnias.

The average price in rubles, excluding delivery in Russia, is 1,400 rubles per 30 tablets.

  • Online Pharmacies in Russia
  • Online pharmacies in UkraineUkraine

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