Multi-Tabs Immuno Plus


The composition of the combined product Multi-Tabs Immuno Plus contains such active ingredients: Lactobacillus GG, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, Vitamin A, Pantothenic Acid, Nicotinamide, Folic Acid, Magnesium, Copper, Calcium, Zinc, Chromium, Iron, Selenium , manganese, iodine.

As additional components, the product contains: corn starch, silicon dioxide, calcium phosphate, magnesium stearate, stearic acid, MCC, croscarmellose, gelatin, acesulfame, glycerin.

Release form

The complex is produced in the form of chewable tablets, which are packed in aluminum tubes.

Pharmachologic effect

This complex contains a complex of minerals, vitamins, and probiotic bacteria. In the process of applying this tool for the purpose of prevention, a person forms an effective protection against colds, the negative effects of stressful situations and emotional stress.

With regular use of this drug in people during the recovery period after illness, after treatment antibiotics and other medicines, immunity is restored, intestinal microflora is normalized. As a result, the body recovers as quickly as possible after illness.

Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG (LGG) - These are lactic acid probiotic bacteria that contribute to the maintenance and regulation of microflora in the human intestines. Bacteria suspend the process of attachment of pathogenic bacteria to the intestinal mucosa, therefore, when taking this drug, the colonization of the human gastrointestinal tract with pathogenic bacteria is prevented.

LGG, due to the production of metabolic products, stops the growth and development of pathogenic microflora, but at the same time, the growth of lactobacilli, beneficial for the body, is not inhibited. LGG protects the human digestive system through increased production of secretory immunoglobulin A.

Thanks to the combined influence of the components of the drug, the protection of the human body is significantly strengthened and adequate immunity is manifested.

Vitamin A - This is one of the most important components of antioxidant protection. It increases resistance to infection attacks. Vitamin is important for the construction of the skeleton, the formation of the epithelium.

Vitamin D3Helps strengthen immunity, normalize thyroid function, and normal absorption of calcium in the small intestine. Vitamin prevents the manifestation of osteopenia.

Vitamin C- An important element for the functioning of immunocompetent blood cells. It increases resistance to infections, participates in the production of collagen in the body. Increases the absorption of inorganic iron from the digestive tract.

Vitamin E- very important for the normalization of antioxidant protection. An important element for the normal functioning of human muscles, the nervous system.

Vitamin B1 - A vitamin that is very important for proper energy metabolism in the body. It affects the process of conducting nervous excitement in synapses.

Vitamin B2 Involved in the process of utilizing proteins, fats, carbohydrates. It has a metabolic effect, a positive effect on vision, on the state of the nervous system.

Vitamin B6 takes part in the metabolic processes of phosphorus and calcium, has a positive effect on the liver, is involved in hematopoiesis, in the functioning of the nervous system.

Vitamin B12activates the concentration of attention and memory of a person, improves the functioning of the nervous system.

Folic acidtakes part in metabolic processes, in the synthesis of purines, amino acids, pyrimidines, nucleic acids.

NicotinamideIt is involved in the processes of cellular oxidation and recovery, improves the processes of tissue respiration, and takes part in metabolic processes.

Pantothenic acid is in the composition of coenzyme A, it is involved in metabolic processes in the body, as well as in the synthesis of steroid hormones and acetylcholine. Under its influence, regeneration is activated.

Iron - an important element for blood formation processes. Combining with iron zincprovides additional stimulation of blood formation. Also, this element is a component of most body enzymes.

Magnesium- an element important for ensuring the stability of myocardial cells, is involved in the processes of transmission of inhibition signals to muscles and peripheral nerves.

Manganese It stimulates the synthesis of immunoglobulins, protects the body from the negative effects of peroxide radicals.

ChromiumInvolved in the body in the synthesis of insulin. Provides stabilization of cell membranes. Reduces the amount of lipid oxidation products.

Selenium - an element that provides protection from the influence of free radicals on the body.

Iodine takes part in the production of thyroxine, triiodothyronine - thyroid hormones. These hormones are responsible for a number of vital functions.

Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

Due to the components of the drug, their detailed description is missing.

Indications for use

Vitamin-mineral complex is prescribed to patients in the following cases:

  • in order to prevent respiratory infections, in particular viral infections during high epidemic danger;
  • to maintain normal intestinal microflora;
  • for the purpose of prevention and therapy vitamin deficiencies, hypovitaminosislack of minerals in the body;
  • to increase immunity during treatment with antibiotics and certain other drugs;
  • to increase adaptive capabilities;
  • in the recovery period after illness.


Do not use if available individual intolerance components.

Side effects

Allergic reactions may occur.

Instructions for use (Method and dosage)

Adults and children after they are 12 years old can take this drug 1 tablet per day during meals.

The course of admission should last at least one month. Consult a specialist before starting treatment.


There is no information about overdose. With a significant overdose, gastric lavage is required, taking tablets activated carbon.


Subject to the recommended doses of Multi-Tabs Immuno Plus, there is no significant interaction with any other drug.

Terms of sale

Multivitamins are sold over the counter.

Storage conditions

This product should be stored and transported at a temperature not exceeding 25 ° C.

Shelf life

Shelf life is 2 years.

Special instructions

Other multivitamins during treatment with this drug are not recommended. Do not exceed the daily dose indicated in the instructions.


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There are a large number of multivitamin complexes, which include various combinations of vitamins and minerals.

However, today there are no analogues of this drug with the same composition.

For children

Indicated for use by children after 12 years.

During pregnancy and lactation

It applies only if the intended benefit is greater than the potential risk.

Reviews about Multi-Tabs Immuno Plus

Positive reviews about Multi-Tabs Immuno Plus are common. They are talking about the positive effect of the drug on the body as a whole and on the functions of the digestive tract in particular.

It is noted that the tool allows you to strengthen the immune system, overcome vitamin deficiency, increase disability. Negative reviews about the drug are rare.

Price Multi-tabs Immuno Plus, where to buy

The price of Multi-Tabs Immuno Plus (packing of 30 pieces) is an average of 550 - 600 rubles.

  • Online Pharmacies in Russia
  • Online pharmacies in UkraineUkraine


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