Thermopsol tablets contain 6.7 mg of the active substance of the powder thermopsis herbs + 250 mg sodium bicarbonate.

Release form

The medicine is produced in the form of swamp green light, round tablets, in blisters of 10 pieces, 1 or 2 blisters in a package.

Pharmachologic effect

Expectorant, anti-inflammatory.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Thermopsis grass, thanks to its constituents alkaloidsstimulates the respiratory centers and enhances the secretion of mucus in bronchioles due to the reflex action on their specific receptors. After taking cough tablets, Thermopsol departs better sputum. The drug excites the vomiting center and therefore, in high concentrations, can cause vomiting, irritate the stomach, and increase the secretion of gastric juice. Also, the drug has a weak anti-inflammatory effect, increasing tone vascular endothelium.

Part of the medicine sodium bicarbonate neutralizes high acidity, protecting the stomach from hypersecretion of hydrochloric acid and mucosal lesions. Additionally, an offset acid-base balance of bronchial mucus, sputum liquefies even more and its passage through the respiratory tract is greatly facilitated.

After taking the medicine, the tablets reach their maximum effect after 60 minutes, the duration of exposure to the drug is up to 6 hours.

Indications for use

The drug is prescribed as part of complex therapy tracheitis or bronchitis to improve sputum removal.


The medicine can not be prescribed:

  • at allergies on its components (thermopsis, soda) or on legumes;
  • sick with stomach ulcer (including history);
  • persons suffering from duodenal ulcers (including history).

Hypertensive patients the drug should be taken with extreme caution, taking tablets may lead to increased vasoconstrictionand increase blood pressure.

Side effects

Rarely, Thermopsol causes allergic reactions, most often of a local nature. When taking large doses, treatment with the drug may be accompanied by nausea and even vomiting.

Instructions for use of Thermopsol (method and dosage)

Inside, washing down with the necessary amount of liquid.

Instructions for use Thermopsol

Adults usually take 3 tablets per day in 3 divided doses.

The duration of treatment is from 3 to 5 days.

The maximum single dose is 14 pieces, daily - 42 tablets.

For children, lower dosages are used in accordance with the doctor's recommendations.


There is no evidence of an overdose of the drug. When taking doses significantly exceeding the maximum allowable, severe nausea and vomiting may develop. Reception shown enterosorbents and symptomatic therapy.


Thermopsol cough tablets are antagonists codeine-containing drugs.

When combining medication with absorbents, astringents and enveloping agents decreases the absorption rate of Thermopsol in Gastrointestinal tract.

Other cough medicines may decrease the effectiveness of the medicine.

Terms of sale

Without recipe.

Storage conditions

It is recommended to store the drug away from children in a cool, dry place.

Shelf life

4 years.

Special instructions

During treatment, a warm, plentiful warm drink is indicated, this will increase the effectiveness of the drug.

The medicine can not be prescribed to patients who are unable to independently expectorate sputum (small children, people with specific diseases).


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Cough tablets containing closest to the action of the drug extracts of Althea, Anise, Oregano, Licorice, Ledum, Eucalyptus, Plantain and Thyme.


Mukaltin, Travisil, Prospan, Cough Tablets, Bronchicum, Tussamag, Pertussin.

Reviews on Thermopsol

Reviews about the pills are good. Due to the presence in any pharmacy and a relatively low cost, many use them to treat coughs, often replacing more expensive analogues with this tool.

Reviews on Thermopsol:

  • “... In the winter I often catch a cold. When the cold goes away, a dry cough remains. You can certainly suffer, and try to clear your throat to tears, but I chose a method proven over the years - a remedy based on the herb Thermopsis, cough tablets, the price of which is simply ridiculous ”;
  • “... I have been drinking these pills for 8 days, 3 times a day, the cough was severe, in fits, with difficult sputum, and remained. 2 weeks tormented«.

Thermopsol price

The price of cough tablets Thermopsol ranges from 30 to 40 rubles per 10 tablets.

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