Pills, coated - aminophenazone, phenylbutazone, silicic acid, carmellose, titanium dioxide, eudragit, povidone, magnesium stearate, starch, talc, gelatin, sucrose.

Injection - phenylbutazone, aminophenazone, the water is sterile.

Release form

  • Injection - in dark glass ampoules of 5 ml in a cardboard box No. 5.
  • Pills - in contour packaging of 10 pieces in box No. 20.

Pharmachologic effect

Anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antipyretic.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics


The drug inhibits biosynthesis prostaglandinsinactivates cyclooxygenase, prevents the synthesis of free radicals and endoperoxides, inhibits the process of peroxidation of fats, reduces the perception of pain and slows down the transmission of pain impulse.


Rapidly absorbed from Gastrointestinal tract. A strong connection with blood proteins is noted. It is secreted mainly by the kidneys and partially through the intestines. The elimination half-life lasts an average of 78 hours.

Indications for use

  • arthritis non-infectious genesis of various etiologies;
  • neuritis, neuralgia, polyneuritis;
  • diseases of the spine and extraarticular tissues, occurring with severe pain and inflammation;
  • lumbago;
  • pericarditis, polyserositis;
  • adnexitis;
  • irit, retinitis, iridocyclitis;
  • parametritis.


High sensitivity to the drug, chronic cardiomyopathy, heart rhythm disturbances, kidney and liver diseases, diseases of the blood forming organs, heart defects.

Side effects

  • nausea, vomiting, frequent stools, pain in the stomach, gastric ulcer;
  • tachycardia, drowsinessdizziness, retention of sodium (salt) and water in the body, itching and rash on the skin, hives;
  • anemia, leukopenia, agranulocytosis;
  • soreness or abscess at the injection site.

Instructions for use Reopirin (Method and dosage)

Reopirin tablets taken orally, for adults in a daily dose of 4-6 tablets in 3 divided doses. Children 7-14 years old, 0.5-1 tablet 3 times a day.

Reopirin injections, instructions for use: Reopirin injections should be done slowly (1-2 minutes) im deep into the gluteal muscle. For rheumatic diseases, administer the contents of 1 ampoule daily or, if necessary, every other day. In case of gynecological diseases, one ampoule of Reopirin solution should be administered 4-5 days before the relief of pain and fever. Children 7-14 years old should be administered 0.5-1 ml 3 times a day daily or every other day.


In the initial stage, an overdose is manifested by nausea, vomiting, sometimes with an admixture of blood, psychosis and hallucinations, in severe cases, a violation of electrolyte metabolism and the development of a coma. Develops in 2-7 days jaundiceviolation ECG, liver failurehemopoiesis.


Reopyrin enhances the effect of barbiturates, hypoglycemic agents, sulfonamides, anticoagulants, and weakens the effect Diphenin, Griseofulvin, Imipramine, cephalosporins.

Terms of sale

On prescription.

Storage conditions

In a dry place at 15-25 ° C.

Shelf life

3 years.

Pregnancy and lactation

During pregnancy, in connection with the potential danger of chromosomal aberrations in lymphocytes, the drug is prescribed according to the indications of the attending physician. The safety of the drug during lactation has not been determined.

For children

Reopyrin is prescribed to children solely under the supervision of a doctor and subject to hospitalization with constant monitoring of liver function, peripheral blood and urine.

Reopirin analogs

Matches for ATX Level 4 code:AntipyrineAnaldimTempalginBenalginPentalgin ICNPentalgin NPentalginAnalginTetralginSpasmalineMaxiganSedal MPiralginBaralgin MSedalgin PlusRevalginAndipal

Reopirin analogs for the active substance - Pirabutol.

Reviews about Reopyrin

Reviews about Reopyrin among doctors are positive. Reopyrin has good tolerance when administered within 5 days at a dose of 5 ml, a pronounced anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and analgesic effect, which allows it to be used to relieve severe pain, inflammatory and febrile syndromes in the practice of doctors of various profiles. Also, Reopirin can be used as the drug of choice for short-term use in order to stop the processes of acute inflammation.

Reopirin price, where to buy

The price of Reopirin in ampoules of 5 ml No. 5 varies between 245 - 282 rubles per package. In tablets No. 20 - an average of 230 rubles. Buy Reopirin in Moscow at most pharmacies in Moscow by reservation.

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