In one capsule Cheetahcontains 280 mg essential phospholipids7.5 mg tocopherol acetate, as well as an auxiliary component - magnesium stearate.

In one capsule Chepagard Asset contains 222 mg phospholipids (used soya lecithin), 93 mg L-carnitine1.25 mg tocopherol acetate, as well as an auxiliary component - magnesium stearate.

Release form

Capsules are sealed in contour cell plates of 10 units. In one package 30 capsules.

Pharmachologic effect

Cheetahis an dietary supplement and source lecithin, vitamin e, but Cheetah Assets- also L-carnitine.

Possesses metabolicand hepatoprotectiveeffect.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Essential phospholipids - These are highly specialized lipids, which are the main component of cell membranes and provide restoration of the structure and functions of membranes against the background of inhibition of cell destruction. As an indispensable growth factor essential phospholipids necessary for the normal functioning of the cells of the whole organism.

Regular administration of the drug leads to the rapid absorption and elimination of membrane defects in cells, the peroxidation of lipid molecules is weakened, cell regeneration is accelerated, the severity of membrane damage is reduced, processes are improved metabolism in the liver and in the brain, metabolic processes improve cholesterol.

Thanks to regular intake essential phospholipidsin combination with vitamin E, digestion and the functioning of the nervous system are normalized, memory and conduction of nerve impulses are improved.

Properties of additional components Hepagard Active

Lecithin - a substrate for the formation of myelin sheaths of neurons and their long processes - axons, which contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system and the conduction of impulses along nerve fibers.

L-carnitineIt is necessary for the normal functioning and protection of the liver, because it promotes the catabolic transformation of fatty acids, protecting against excessive fatty infiltration, and also contributes to the enhanced synthesis of HDL with anti-atherogenic effect. Especially important L-carnitine for people who consumed alcoholhosted xenobioticsor other toxicants that contribute to liver degeneration.

Indications for use

  • Increased body need for vitamin E and essential phospholipids;
  • improvement of the liver and antioxidant defense;
  • optimization of food metabolism;
  • increased resistance to toxic substances;
  • increasing the protective properties of cell membranes from oxidation;
  • maintaining a good functional state of the nervous system.

Additionally for Hepagard Active:

  • increased body need for L-carnitine;
  • protecting the liver from obesity;
  • increased detoxifying properties of the liver;
  • level reduction cholesterol.


  • Individual intolerance to any of the dietary supplement components;
  • pregnancy.

Side effects

In clinical trials, adverse reactions were not identified.

Cheetah, instructions for use (method and dosage)

Cheetah daily dose - 4 capsules (divided into 2 doses, during meals) provides the body of an adult in vitamin E and essential phospholipids. The standard course of admission is 1 month.

Instructions for use Hepagard Active: swallow the capsules inward one 3 times with meals. The standard course is designed for 1 month, the possibility of repeating the course should be agreed with your doctor.

Reception Cheetah Asset in these doses provides the daily need of an adult in L-carnitine - 93% tocopherol - by 37% soya lecithin - on 10%.


There have been no cases of overdose.


There is no drug interaction.

Terms of sale

Supplements are sold over the counter.

Storage conditions

  • Dry place;
  • temperature up to + 25 ° Celsius.

Keep out of reach of young children.

Shelf life

Do not use after 2 years from the date indicated on the box.


  • Hepatitis;
  • Heptordaley;
  • Propolin;
  • Slash;
  • Oatsol.


Positive reviews about Hepagard Asset:

  • "It is better to drink the course right away - liver tests are normal after 1.5 months.";
  • "I drink from time to time, because I constantly take medications for my chronic diseases.";
  • "To support the liver began to take CheetahI feel like everything. "

Negative comments:

  • "It didn’t help me, although I drank the whole course."

Cheetah price where to buy

Prices Cheetah(30 capsules) in pharmacies in Moscow start from 300 rubles.

average price Chepagard Asset (120 capsules) - 1100 rubles.

Watch the video: Three Cheetahs Vs Ostrich. Life. BBC Earth (February 2020).

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