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When a person suddenly starts to smell acetonefrom the mouth, it causes a well-founded alarm. This substance has a specific recognizable aroma, therefore, as acetone smells, it is very easy to distinguish. And since this smell has air from the lungs of a person, even very thorough brushing does not allow you to get rid of this manifestation.

Acetone breathing is a sign of certain diseases and conditions of the body. Some conditions are normal in terms of physiology and are not dangerous. But there are a number of diseases in which the smell of acetone from the mouth is felt, which undoubtedly are the reason for immediate medical attention and proper treatment.

How is acetone formed in the human body?

The bulk of the energy in the body comes from glucose. Blood carries glucose throughout the body, and so it gets into all tissues and cells. But if glucose is not enough, or there are reasons that prevent it from entering the cells, the body looks for other sources of energy. As a rule, these are fats. After their splitting occurs, various substances, among which acetone, enter the bloodstream. It is with this process that the causes of acetone in the blood in adults and children are associated.

After this substance appears in the blood, kidneys and lungs begin to secrete it. Consequently, the test for acetone in the urine becomes positive, a strong smell of urine is felt, and the air that a person exhales gives off the aroma of soaked apples - a characteristic aroma of acetone or the smell of vinegar from the mouth appears.

The main causes of the characteristic odor:

  • starvationdieting, severe dehydration;
  • hypoglycemiain patients diabetes;
  • kidney and liver disease;
  • thyroid disease;
  • disposition to acetonemia in children.

Consider in more detail the listed reasons.


Sometimes it seems that in the modern world periodically almost everyone - women and men - "sit" on diets. Some people practice even more extreme ways to get rid of extra pounds by practicing fasting. It is adhering to diets that are in no way connected with medical indications or recommendations of a doctor, people eventually notice a deterioration in their health and unpleasant changes in appearance.

If a person tries to completely eliminate carbohydrates from the diet, this can cause a lack of energy and too much breakdown of fats. As a result, an excess of harmful substances is formed in the body; intoxication, and all organs and systems will not function as in a healthy person.

Adhering to a very strict carbohydrate-free diet, over time you can notice a lot of negative changes. In this case, a constant feeling of weakness begins to bother, periodic dizziness, severe irritability, and the condition of the hair and nails worsens significantly. It is after such diets that the smell of acetone from the mouth appears.

Everyone who wants to lose weight should first visit a doctor and consult with him about a possible diet. Be sure to go to specialists and those who already note the negative effects of diets.

Losing weight should definitely remember the most dangerous food systems and diets:

  • Kremlin diet - It provides for a very serious restriction of carbohydrates. Protein foods are preferred. Diet is unbalanced and dangerous for the body.
  • Atkins Diet - Provides a low-carb diet for a long time. Carbohydrate intake is deliberately limited so that the body switches the metabolism to the use of fats as energy fuel. With such a nutrition system in the blood, the level rises sharply ketone bodies, a person often feels weak, he develops digestive problems.
  • Diet of Kim Protasov - lasts five weeks, the basis of the diet at this time is fiber and protein food. The amount of fats and carbohydrates consumed is very low.
  • Protein diet - adhering to it, you need to eat exclusively protein foods. Such a diet is extremely dangerous to health. Fans of such a diet motivate its safety by the fact that it is not long - no more than two weeks. However, during this period, a person can significantly undermine health.
  • French diet - with such a food system, dietary meat, fish, greens, vegetables, fruits are allowed. Sweets, fruit juices, bread are prohibited. Moreover, daily servings of food are very small. Therefore, after 14 days of diet, the condition of the body may worsen.


It is with this serious disease that the most common odor is acetone from the mouth in adults. With diabetes, an excess of sugar is observed in the blood, which does not penetrate the cells due to insulin deficiency. As a result, a condition dangerous to the body develops, called diabetic ketoacidosis. This happens if the blood glucose is more than 16 mmol per liter.

The following signs of diabetic ketoacidosis are noted:

  • urine acetone test
  • aroma of acetone from the mouth;
  • abdominal pain;
  • feeling of thirst;
  • vomiting
  • oppression of consciousness, possible coma.

If such symptoms develop, you must immediately call for emergency help. After all, if you do not provide medical care to a patient with ketoacidosis, he may fall into a deep coma and even die.

Pay particular attention to the fact that there is a smell and taste of acetone in the mouth, to people who have the following risk factors:

  • first discovered type 1 diabetes;
  • type 2 diabetes, provided that insulinIt is entered incorrectly and untimely;
  • surgical interventions, infectious diseases, pregnancy and delivery in people with type 2 diabetes.

It is important to understand that this manifestation can be a serious signal. Therefore, if the taste and smell of acetone appears in the conditions described above, it is important to immediately consult a doctor who will determine the causes of the taste of acetone in the mouth.

Therapy of diabetic ketoacidosis is carried out as follows:

  • Insulin is administered - this is the main part of the treatment. For this purpose, continuous administration of the drug with a dropper is practiced.
  • Dehydration treatment is performed.
  • Take measures aimed at maintaining the work of the kidneys and liver.

To prevent the development of ketoacidosis, people with diabetes should clearly follow all the recommendations of the attending physician, drive insulin on time and respond to all alarming symptoms in a timely manner.

Thyroid disease

If, in case of malfunctioning of the thyroid gland, acetone smells from the mouth and there is a smell of acetone in the nose, then such signs should be considered an alarming signal.

In people suffering hyperthyroidism, thyroid hormone production is too active. As a rule, a person takes medication to normalize this process. But sometimes hormone production is too active, and as a result, metabolic processes in the body are accelerated. Typically, this happens in the following cases:

  • if hyperthyroidism is combined with thyroid surgery;
  • after severe stress;
  • during pregnancy and childbirth;
  • due to inaccurate examination of the gland.

Such crises occur suddenly, so all the signs appear at one time. Excitation or inhibition develops, up to psychosis or comastomach pain, fever, jaundice. There is a strong smell of acetone from the mouth.

It is important to understand that thyrotoxic crisis is a very dangerous condition, and in this case, you need to urgently seek the help of doctors. In this case, the patient is given a dropper to eliminate dehydration. Also, drugs are used to stop the production of thyroid hormones, provide support for the functioning of the kidneys and liver.

Such causes of the smell of acetone in the nose and mouth can in no way be eliminated at home, because it can be life threatening.

Liver and kidney disease

The liver and kidneys are organs that cleanse the body. They filter the blood, provide the elimination of toxins out. But if chronic diseases of these organs develop, then the excretory function is disrupted. As a result of this, harmful substances accumulate, among which acetone. If we are talking about serious conditions, then not only breathing gives acetone, but urine stinks to them. It is precisely the problems with the kidneys and liver that are often the answer to the question of why the acetone smell comes from the human body. Often, if the urine smells like acetone in a child, liver and kidney diseases are also a cause. After therapy for hepatic or renal failure, use hemodialysis, such a symptom disappears.

Determination of acetone in urine

It is easy to detect bad breath - acetone has a specific aroma. Finding out if ketone bodies are in urine is easy. You can verify this using special tests.

To independently determine this indicator, you need to buy a test strip for acetone in the urine. Special strips Uriketcan be purchased at any pharmacy. This strip should be placed in a container with urine. Urine must be collected carefully so that no foam appears. And depending on the concentration of ketone bodies, the color of the tester will change. Accordingly, the more saturated the color of the strip, the greater the concentration of ammonia in the urine.

Why does the smell of acetone from the mouth in children

There can be many answers to the question of why acetone smells from the mouth. If the causes of the smell of acetone from the mouth in an adult are associated with the conditions discussed above, then the smell of acetone from the mouth in a child is felt in connection with other causes.

If the child is predisposed to acetonemia, he periodically appears such a smell. These manifestations periodically happen in a baby up to eight years old. As a rule, such a bad breath in a child of 1 year old, in 2 years old and in older children appears after an infectious disease or poisoning has been suffered, and body temperature has risen to high levels. The reasons for the smell of acetone from the child's mouth are related to the fact that his energy reserves are limited. And if the baby is predisposed to acetonemia he will get an acute respiratory illness or other infectious disease, he may not have enough glucose so that the body can fight the disease.

As a rule, children with this predisposition have low blood sugar. If the body attacks an infectious disease, these indicators are further reduced. As a result, the process of active breakdown of fats begins in order to obtain additional energy. In this case, substances are formed that subsequently enter the bloodstream, and acetone is among them. With a large amount of acetone, even a child may have symptoms of poisoning - nausea, vomiting. This can happen with a baby up to a year, and with an older child. These signs disappear on their own after recovery.

You can find out more about why a child smells of acetone from his mouth by visiting a doctor and passing the necessary tests. Many experts talk about this, including Evgeny Komarovsky. But conscious parents still need to consult a doctor about this. You need to consult about the smell of acetone in a small child, and about problems with the pancreas, and about the development diabetes mellitus, and other serious conditions.

What should parents do if the child is prone to acetonemia?

As soon as acetone is felt in children from the mouth, you need to check the glucose content to prevent the development of diabetes. If blood sugar is elevated, you should contact a specialist and conduct further studies.

If the symptoms of acetone in a child are accompanied by infectious diseases, teething, poisoning, sweet tea or sugar should be given to the baby. It is recommended to reduce the amount of fatty foods in the menu. In this case, it is possible to treat acetone in children at home, but only on condition that all serious diseases are excluded.

If the aroma of acetone is unsharp, you must first make sure that it is elevated. You can use test strips for this.

Answering the question of how to treat acetone in children, if vomiting worries and other symptoms of intoxication appear, we note that experts advise watering the baby with oral rehydration solutions. Give him such drugs every 15 minutes in a few tablespoons. You can use drugs Rehydron, Oralit.

Parents who are interested if acetone is elevated in a child, what to do, it is important not to panic about this. As a rule, such signs gradually disappear by school age.

But nevertheless, it is important to act according to a certain scheme so as not to miss the development of serious diseases. What to do if the baby stinks from the mouth with acetone? It is necessary to adhere to the following algorithm:

  • If we are talking about a baby up to 10 years, you need to determine the blood sugar level.
  • If the child is healthy, his diabetes is excluded, and he smells of acetone for the first time, sweet tea should be given to the child. Drinks containing sugar should be given to the baby with vomiting, infections, after stress.
  • In case of diabetes in a child, the smell of acetone is a signal for urgent medical attention - you need to call an ambulance in this case. When the baby will be helped, it is necessary to adjust his diet and treatment.
  • For adolescents and adults with "acetone" breathing, it is important to examine the liver and kidneys.
  • Those with a diet or starvation symptom should include more carbohydrate foods on the menu.

It is important to understand that the aroma of acetone from the mouth is an important signal of the body, and in no case can it be ignored.

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