Acne Cleansing Diet

General rules

Acne is an inflammatory disease of the sebaceous glands and follicles. The disease is based on increased production of fat, follicular hyperkeratosis and increased release of inflammatory mediators. The debut of the disease is typical for adolescents - girls aged 12-14 years and boys 14-15 years old. Youthful acne or "physiological" acne with the normalization of hormonal levels disappear by 25 years. They belong to the easily proceeding form of the disease, respond well to treatment and do not leave gross cicatricial changes in the skin of the body and face. Often, acne appears during menses or menopausedue to a lack estrogen. The hormones that provoke the appearance of acne include: testosterone, insulin-like growth factor-1, dihydrotestosterone.

Acne often a complication of oily or mixed seborrhea, in which there is increased sebum secretion due to dysfunction of the sebaceous glands. Increased sebum production leads to the development of infection. This form of the disease is already subject to serious treatment. A significant proportion of patients have a tendency to the chronic course of the disease, relapse, and it often turns out to be resistant to the therapy.

In maintaining skin pathologies, not only hereditary factors, impaired immune responses, psycho-emotional disorders, environmental factors, but also disorders of the gastrointestinal tract are important. Patients with acne are more likely to suffer from functional disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, which are accompanied by constipationesophageal reflux, halitosis.

How are errors in the diet reflected on the skin? Errors in the diet in the form of eating sweet, fried and high-calorie foods with a low fiber content are often reflected on the face and are always associated with the appearance of acne. And of particular importance in this is a violation of the composition of the intestinal microflora. It is noted that the degree of dysbiotic disorders in the patient is associated with the severity of skin manifestations.

The fact is that a diet rich in fats or carbohydrates entails a reduction in the amount of bifidobacteria intestinal microflora, as well as damage to intestinal epithelial cells and an increase in intestinal permeability for various metabolites (metabolic products). As a result of this, lipopolysaccharide toxins penetrate the intestinal barrier into the systemic circulation. In addition, an imbalance of intestinal microflora disrupts the body's reactivity, metabolism and absorption of nutrients and vitamins, and it matters in the development of acne.

The positive effect of the use of sour-milk products for acne and acne and the negative effect of the use of milk, due to the presence of growth hormones in it, have been proved. So, insulin-like growth factor 1 is important for acne and its intake with milk in the body enhances the manifestations of the disease. The deterioration associated with the use of milk is also due to the fact that it affects the balance androgen in the body (increases their content). Enrichment of dairy products with probiotic cultures (lactobacilli) leads to the fact that in the process of enzymatic reactions the content of this factor is reduced by four times. The use of probiotic products and drugs reduces the risk of lipopolysaccharide endotoxins entering the bloodstream.

For clean and beautiful skin, care alone is not enough. It is not necessary to mask the problem, it is necessary to identify the cause (for example, gastrointestinal tract pathology, as it is proved that patients with acne have pathologies of the biliary tract and pancreas) and eat right. By changing the balance of nutrients and, accordingly, affecting biochemical processes, you can reduce inflammation and the risk of acne.

Proper nutrition for beautiful and healthy skin of the face provides an exception:

  • Alcohol, because it impairs the detoxification function of the liver and disrupts the metabolism of fatty acids.
  • Coffee and tea.
  • Simple carbohydrates (sweet carbonated drinks, sugar, white flour products, cakes, pastries, pastries, jam, ice cream and more). It is proved that for people who regularly consume foods with a high glycemic index, acne is more often exacerbated, has a more aggressive character, spreading to large areas.
  • Animal fats (pork, goose, mutton), margarine, spread, trans fats, reducing cholesterol consumption (offal, smoked sausages, fish caviar, fatty meat, fatty dairy products).
  • Dishes cooked by frying and deep-fried.

Nutrition for improving the condition of the skin should be natural (not include products with chemical additives) and contain:

  • A lot of fruits, vegetables and legumes (peas, beans, lentils, soybeans) - sources of vitamins and fiber.
  • A sufficient amount of fluid (1.5-2 liters per day). This refers to filtered water, table water, herbal teas. The lack of water manifests itself in excessive dryness of the skin, and also slows down its renewal. Because of this, dead cells accumulate, preventing the release of sebum.
  • Whole grain dishes (whole-grain cereals, bread and whole-grain flour products, brown rice, buckwheat).
  • Germinated cereals, which are distinguished by a high micro- and macronutrient, vitamin, amino acid composition and have a detoxifying effect.
  • Fatty fish (salmon, sardines, mackerel, tuna) containing omega 3. For good skin and hair, the diet should contain omega-3 fatty acids, which reduce the salting of the skin, keep it in good condition and have a beneficial effect on hormone levels. In addition to fish and seafood, sources of polyunsaturated fatty acids are vegetable oils, olives, nuts, and seeds.
  • Low-fat chicken, turkey and beef.
  • Food probioticsthat maintain a healthy balance of bacteria in the intestines (natural kefir and sourdough yogurts with streptococcus thermophilus and lactobacillus bulgaricus, sauerkraut, fermented soy products).
  • Foods with sufficient vitamin A content (liver and cod oil, halibut oil, fish oil, animal liver). From plant sources can be called carrots, pumpkins, spinach, apricots, cucumbers, peaches, sorrel, blackcurrant.
  • Vitamin E - powerful antioxidantthat prevents the risk of new inflammatory foci (avocados, whole nuts, vegetable oils, spinach, oat and buckwheat).
  • Foods rich in zinc (sesame, poppy seeds, pumpkin seeds, wheat and rice bran, rye flour products, pine nuts, cashew nuts, sunflower seeds, beans, soybeans, lentils, dried shiitake mushrooms, dried seaweed). This element and vitamin A help resist infection and inflammation.
  • Products containing Vitamin B6, since deficiency can cause excessive production of fat by the glands.

Its highest content in pine nuts, then in descending order: walnut, sea buckthorn, tuna, mackerel, animal liver, hazelnuts, garlic, millet, bell pepper.

As a treatment for acne, attention should also be paid to products containing phosphorus, calcium and potassium. We obtain phosphorus by eating fish and dairy products, calcium - dairy products, sesame seeds, chia seeds, potassium - all kinds of cabbage, dried fruits (raisins, dried apricots, prunes).

With this disease, it is also important to observe some rules:

  • Do not overeat and eat small meals, but often.
  • Prefer light foods throughout the day.
  • Eat natural foods without preservatives, dyes, or other additives.
  • Do not consume incompatible foods.
  • Dinner 3 hours before bedtime, do not overload the digestive system with a heavy and plentiful dinner.

It is also necessary to combat constipation and maintain the digestive tract in an active state. The digestive system is responsible for the elimination of waste products and toxins that directly affect the condition of the skin. The use of "heavy" and incompatible food (red meat, any fried meat, smoked meats, sausages, milk and the use of protein foods along with carbohydrate) leads to the fact that the waste lingers longer in the body, causing intoxication and skin manifestations.

To improve bowel function, you need to increase the fiber content in the diet (vegetables, fruits, bran, nuts). These products are quickly and completely absorbed by the body, contain vitamins and minerals, and fiber and pectins able to absorb toxic substances and excrete their body. From vegetables and fruits, choose those that have a laxative effect (beets, prunes, dried apricots, plums, apricots, peaches).

Natural kefir and yogurt support the normal intestinal microflora

If you have severe constipation, supplement your diet with flax seed. It can be used in the ground state (2 tsp) before each meal, pre-filled with water. You can try to drink it only in the morning on an empty stomach. To do this, in the evening, pour a dessert spoon of seeds 150 ml of water, and in the morning they drink a suspension of swollen seeds.

These recommendations are general and averaged. To identify the individual relationship between the appearance of a rash and nutrition, you need to keep a food diary with marks of eaten foods and skin reactions to them. These observations will help eliminate the harmful factor.

Allowed Products

A diet for acne on the face should include:

  • Soups on vegetable broth with vegetables and cereals. It is advisable not to fry vegetables for dressing soups.
  • Dishes from fish and seafood, which form the basis of the diet. Alternate the use of fatty and non-fatty fish cooked by boiling or baking. A useful addition to the diet will be seaweed.
  • 400-500 g of vegetables daily. It is advisable to use them fresh. Use vegetables as side dishes for meat and fish, or as salads. A mandatory component of the diet is legumes, as they contain vegetable protein, zinc and fiber. You can include them in your diet daily.
  • 300 g of fruits and berries, which are also consumed raw. The high content of pectin in citrus fruits, apples, viburnum, grapes, dried cornel berries, cranberries. Pectins normalize the intestines, do not dissolve and absorb toxins on themselves, removing them from the body. Drink freshly squeezed juices daily.
  • Bran, sesame seeds and flax seeds are additional sources of fiber, oils and phytosterols.
  • It is better to grind the seeds on a coffee grinder and drink 2 teaspoons before meals with water. Flax seeds can be added to porridge, salads and granola - breakfast will be much more healthy. Do not forget to drink enough water when taking bran.
  • Meat and poultry of low-fat varieties in boiled or baked form - beef, low-fat mutton, turkey, chicken (skin must be removed).
  • Rye, cereal or bran bread, inedible and low-fat biscuits, whole grain breads.
  • Sour-milk products and cottage cheese of low fat content, low-fat sour cream and cheeses. Cream is limited in dishes. Boiled whole eggs and whole egg are shown daily.
  • Buckwheat, oat, millet, wheat groats, brown rice. Prepare friable cereals in the water. Porridge must be included in the diet at least once a day. Make it a rule to eat buckwheat or oatmeal for breakfast with fresh fruits, dried fruits and nuts. As a side dish option, coarse flour pasta can be advised.
  • Unrefined vegetable oils - olive, sesame, hemp and linseed oil are useful in this disease.
  • Any nuts as a source of monounsaturated fatty acids. You need to eat 30-40 g of nuts and seeds daily, alternating walnuts, cashews, cedar, almonds, pumpkin and sunflower seeds.
  • Raw nuts and seeds are most useful, not heat-treated.
  • Drinks - green tea with lemon, fruit and vegetable juices, rosehip and herb infusions (calendula, chamomile, sage, nettle, birch leaf, dandelion root), mineral water without gas.

Approved Product Table

Proteins, gFats, gCarbohydrates, gCalories, kcal

Vegetables and greens

salad pepper1,30,05,327
iceberg lettuce0,90,11,814




Red currants0,60,27,743
black currant1,00,47,344



Nuts and dried fruits

dried figs3,10,857,9257
dried apricots5,20,351,0215
flax seeds18,342,228,9534
sunflower seeds20,752,93,4578
dried apricots5,00,450,6213

Cereals and cereals

buckwheat groats (kernel)12,63,362,1313
oat groats12,36,159,5342
pearl barley9,31,173,7320
brown rice7,41,872,9337

Flour and Pasta

buckwheat noodles14,70,970,5348

Bakery products

bran bread7,51,345,2227
whole grain bread10,12,357,1295


maria cookies8,78,870,9400

Milk products

skim milk2,00,14,831
kefir 1.5%3,31,53,641
fermented baked milk2,84,04,267
natural yogurt 2%4,32,06,260

Cheeses and cottage cheese

cottage cheese 1%16,31,01,379
tofu curd8,14,20,673

Meat products



boiled chicken breast29,81,80,5137
boiled turkey fillet25,01,0-130


Soft boiled chicken eggs12,811,60,8159

Fish and seafood

sea ​​kale0,85,10,049

Oils and Fats

linseed oil0,099,80,0898
olive oil0,099,80,0898
sunflower oil0,099,90,0899

Soft Drinks

mineral water0,00,00,0-
green tea0,00,00,0-

Juices and compotes

apricot juice0,90,19,038
carrot juice1,10,16,428
peach juice0,90,19,540
plum juice0,80,09,639
tomato juice1,10,23,821
pumpkin juice0,00,09,038
rosehip juice0,10,017,670
* data are per 100 g of product

Fully or partially restricted products

  • Refined flour bread, pastries, cakes, puff pastry, muffin, shortbread dough.
  • Fast food, chips, sandwiches, various snacks.
  • Highly extractive dishes (broths).
  • Fatty meat, smoked meats, sausages, canned food, fish caviar, salted fish.
  • With poor tolerance, radish, turnip, radish.
  • Cooking fats, margarine, trans fats, lard, goose and duck meat.
  • Milk.
  • Sweet fruits - grapes, bananas.
  • Spicy seasonings and spices (horseradish, mustard, pepper, sauces, ketchup, mayonnaise.
  • Limit coffee, chocolate, cocoa.

Prohibited Products Table

Proteins, gFats, gCarbohydrates, gCalories, kcal

Vegetables and greens

canned vegetables1,50,25,530


marinated mushrooms2,20,40,020


potato chips5,530,053,0520

Flour and Pasta


Bakery products

sweet buns7,99,455,5339


milk sweets2,74,382,3364
candy fondant2,24,683,6369
pastry cream0,226,016,5300
fruit and berry marmalade0,40,076,6293
shortbread dough6,521,649,9403

Ice cream

ice cream3,76,922,1189





Raw materials and seasonings


Milk products

milk 4.5%3,14,54,772
cream 35% (fatty)2,535,03,0337
whipped cream3,222,212,5257

Cheeses and cottage cheese

parmesan cheese33,028,00,0392

Meat products

fat pork11,449,30,0489


smoked sausage9,963,20,3608


smoked chicken27,58,20,0184
smoked duck19,028,40,0337

Fish and seafood

smoked fish26,89,90,0196
canned fish17,52,00,088

Oils and Fats

animal fat0,099,70,0897
cooking fat0,099,70,0897

Alcoholic beverages

dry red wine0,20,00,368

Soft Drinks

soda water0,00,00,0-
dry instant coffee15,03,50,094
* data are per 100 g of product

Menu (Power Mode)

The acne diet menu should contain a large number of vegetables and fruits daily, since the daily need for dietary fiber (in the region of 25-30 g) should be filled. A large number of them are found in wheat bran, nuts, beans, cranberries, gooseberries, whole oatmeal, dates, figs, prunes, raspberries, raisins and dried apricots, as well as in buckwheat, barley, pearl barley, peas, carrots, cabbage, pumpkin, quince, oranges.

Also important is the intake of non-forming in the body omega 3 PUFA. To maintain the health of the whole organism, their daily requirement is 2 g. For example, 100 g of flax seed contains 22.8 g, herring 3.1 g, walnuts 6.8 g, salmon - 1.4 g, and mackerel - 2.5 g.

Choose lean meat and use a minimum of fat when cooking it. This can be done using a double boiler, oven, grill or slow cooker. The simultaneous rejection of sausages, ham, smoked meats and other finished meat products containing dyes, preservatives and other chemical additives will positively affect the condition of the skin.

  • oatmeal porridge;
  • fresh fruits and berries;
  • green tea.
  • cottage cheese;
  • juice or yogurt.
  • steamed meat patties;
  • vegetable salad with oil;
  • compote.
High tea
  • fruits.
  • grilled fish;
  • salad with seaweed;
  • tea.
For the night
  • kefir.
  • oatmeal porridge with apple;
  • tofu
  • yogurt.
  • cottage cheese with dried fruits and nuts.
  • vegetable soup;
  • baked chicken breast with vegetables.
High tea
  • vegetable juice or fruit salad.
  • baked salmon;
  • green string beans with olive oil.
For the night
  • acidophilus.
  • millet porridge with dried apricots;
  • toast, tofu cheese;
  • Herb tea.
  • omelette.
  • juice.
  • broccoli soup;
  • boiled turkey meat;
  • vegetable salad with linseed oil.
High tea
  • green beans with cheese and bell pepper.
  • fish cakes;
  • baked pumpkin with sour cream and walnuts.
For the night
  • kefir.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • It includes a variety of products and is full in composition.
  • It is easy to carry and you can constantly stick to it.
  • It normalizes the metabolism, has a positive effect on the skin condition.
  • With active sports, it helps to reduce weight.
  • The content of seafood in it significantly increases the cost of food.
  • The lack of simple carbohydrates is difficult for many to tolerate.

Beautician Tips

The combination of the right diet and skin care procedures will give good results. The regularity of the procedures is also of great importance. Adequate care in the early stages of the disease can help normalize the processes of sebum secretion and contribute to the regression of the elements of the rash. Performing daily cleansing procedures is indicated for any severity of manifestations. Cleansing with antibacterial agents is recommended. Fatty creams and ointments that cause blockages in the ducts are excluded.

Care for any type of skin should include the following steps: cleansing, toning, nutrition and hydration. The first and important stage is cleansing, and you can use home remedies, daily cosmetic programs and hardware cleansing, which is used for intensive care.

Depending on the depth of exposure, facial cleansing is divided into superficial and deep, mechanical, physical and chemical. The most gentle and soft appearance is surface cleaning (it is limited by exposure to the stratum corneum). As a result, the stratum corneum is exfoliated, turgor rises, microcirculation improves. It is done independently at home and this includes pasty masks, scrubs, tonics, gommage. Superficial cleaning is carried out for oily skin and acne.

Deep cleansing of the skin affects the entire epidermal layer. For example, the procedure using fruit acids is very aggressive and traumatic. It is used for gross changes - deep wrinkles, small scars, stretch marks. This also includes physiotherapeutic methods (exposure to galvanic current and alkaline solutions, ultrasonic peeling) carried out by a cosmetologist. They are performed to soften sebaceous plugs and remove comedones. Vacuum cleaning is aimed at opening the pores and removing fatty plugs. Many other cleaning options are also performed by a cosmetologist, and the method of exposure is selected individually.

Daily cleansing is necessary to ensure that the skin is perfect and looks healthy. With acne, you can cleanse your pores at home, but you need to do this carefully, not zealously, and carefully checking every new remedy you use. Of course, it is impossible to replace professional peeling, but you can help yourself. Any peeling is a microtrauma and unexpressed redness after the procedure is a normal and normal process. It is better to perform it in the evening and on the eve of the weekend, so that it would be possible to restore the skin using moisturizers and soothing agents.

At home, you can do mechanical and chemical peeling. In order to do the procedure and not harm, first decide what method to prefer: chemical or mechanical, and which product to use - home or purchased. Mechanical is the use of scrubs and gommages that cleanse dead cells, cleanse pores of secretions and plugs of dirt.

Scrub or gommage can be used daily, but do not affect the inflamed areas. With dry skin, gommage is preferred and the procedure is done no more than once a week. For oily and normal skin, you can constantly apply scrubs and gommazhi. Superficial chemical peeling is carried out with natural fruit acids or pharmaceuticals (salicylic acid, aspirin, TCA 10%, azelaine and others).

Facial cleansing at home can be carried out:

  • Using aspirin is a chemical peeling option. To do this, mix 4 tablets of crushed aspirin with 1 tbsp. a spoonful of water and honey. For dry skin, add grape seed oil. Apply the composition with light movements and continue to massage for 2-3 minutes. Hold the mask for 10 minutes and rinse. It is better to use at night, in the summer to protect the skin from ultraviolet rays. The action of acetylsalicylic acid is to suppress the secretion of the sebaceous glands and the elimination of inflammatory processes. However, frequent use can cause rosacea, and prolonged use (a month or more) - excessive dry skin.
  • Calcium chloride. It is also a chemical method of exposure. On the prepared skin (clean and dry) with a cotton pad, the entire contents of the ampoule with the preparation is applied, each time taking breaks and allowing the skin to dry. Do not apply the drug around the eyes and above the lip. Then lather your hands with baby soap and massage your face along the massage lines, avoiding the same areas. The reaction of soap and calcium chloride will manifest in the formation of flakes. Gently continue massaging and rolling off dead particles. The procedure ends with washing off with warm water and treating the face with a decoction of herbs (lavender, chamomile or rose petals). You can’t wipe your face with a towel, you need to let it dry naturally and apply a moisturizer. With frequent use, this procedure can lead to premature aging and inflammatory reactions. To avoid this, it is necessary to use oils and moisturizers after the procedure. This peeling is not carried out with dry and sensitive skin, as well as in the presence of inflamed elements. It is recommended to do it 1-2 times a month.
  • Olive oil. It is suitable for all skin types, including for acne. The positive thing is that the skin gets rid of dryness. With this procedure, the skin does not lose the protective layer, moisturizes and nourishes. It is necessary to apply oil on the face and massage. In hot water, moisten a towel, squeeze it, put it on your face and hold until it cools down. It is hot steaming that helps open pores. After that, rinse with warm water and narrow the pores by dousing your face with cold water.
  • Soda - there are a lot of recipes with its use and you can choose the most suitable for yourself. The procedure should be performed after steaming the face (for example, taking a shower or bath). The easiest way is to dilute soda with water until a creamy paste is formed. It is applied to the face and massaged in circular movements, focusing on the nose, chin, forehead or problem areas. Then wash off and apply a moisturizer. This is a fairly aggressive method, so you can do peeling with different additives. For example, add a quarter teaspoon of soda and salt, or only soda, to the washing gel or shaving cream. Use the mixture as in the previous recipe. In all cases, the scrub is removed warm, and rinsed with cool water or a decoction of herbs and a moisturizer is applied.

Silk cocoons are also a gentle peeling and are used as an exfoliating agent, eliminating dead cells, impurities, while moisturizing and nourishing the skin. Silkworm cocoons contain substance sericin (amino acids). The main feature of this substance is to improve the synthesis of its own collagen skin. Apply peeling with a cocoon 1-2 times a week, after soaking it in warm water for 5 minutes. Having threaded it on a finger, you need to gently massage your face in a circular motion.

Recently, many mechanical devices have appeared that help to carry out procedures at home, for example, a brush for deep cleansing of the face. They are produced by different companies. When purchasing them, carefully study the instructions and indications, as some are not intended for sensitive skin with acne and the presence of rosacea.

Brush clinique - universal, because it immediately combines bristles of different lengths and densities and therefore gives a complex effect. The green bristles are denser and suitable for the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin), and white for delicate zones (cheekbones and cheeks). Thanks to the inclined nozzle, all places in the T-zone are accessible. The bristles do not scratch the skin. This device has a pulsating nozzle, and not rotating, and this prevents the stretching of the skin. Ultrasonic exposure is important, which helps to better penetrate and clean hard-to-reach areas. Works with foams or cleansing gels.

You can also use the device to cleanse the skin of the face Skinpro (Oriflame). The portable device has a soft brush head and operates in two high-speed modes. For daily use, a weaker first mode is used, and for applying a scrub and deeper cleansing, a second, faster one is used. The face needs to be moistened and a cleanser applied.

The device is driven in a circular motion along the massage lines, releasing for 20 seconds. on the forehead, 20 s. on the nose and chin and on each cheek for 10 seconds. Delicate bristles do not injure the skin and clean it very carefully, remove black spots, massage, remove greasy shine. The procedure is enough to perform 2-3 times a week, and after it must be applied a moisturizer or mask.

Folk remedies show their effectiveness in mild forms of the disease. For this purpose, you can use the following scrub mask. Grind a few almonds in a coffee grinder until flour. Vitamin A in its composition will moisturize the skin, and vitamin e normalize the function of the sebaceous glands. Take 1 tsp. of this flour, orange zest (3 tsp), oatmeal (3-4 tsp) also grind into powder. Knead the composition on a chamomile broth (it promotes regeneration) to a state of thick sour cream.

Distribute the mass over the face and massage along the massage lines from the center to the periphery for a minute. Rinse and apply a moisturizer. Such a mask for cleansing pores is used once a week.
Separately, one can say about steaming masks. But you need to know that any steaming mask should not be used with concomitant rosacea and should be performed once every 10-14 days. Known and quite effective oat and milk mask. Dilute three tablespoons of oatmeal to the consistency of sour cream with hot milk and add 0.5 tsp. soda. Apply a warm composition to the face, bypassing the area around the eyes. Cover your face with a napkin and a towel. Hold for 15-20 minutes. Remove the composition with warm water.

Steaming egg-honey mask is prepared from 1 tbsp. l honey and 2 egg yolks. The ingredients are thoroughly mixed and heated in a water bath. Components contribute to the expansion and purification of pores, while nourishing and moisturizing. The application method and procedure is the same as in the previous case.

To simplify the home procedure, as an option ready-made steaming masks, we can recommend Skinlite Apricot and Oatmeal. These are self-heating masks that are heated when applied to the face (the effect is obtained as when applying a warm towel). Designed for all skin types. They have a relaxing effect, remove impurities and excess fat from the pores, gently exfoliate dead epithelium.

Effective is a professional salicylic mask Stopproblem from Michel laboratory. This is a chemical peeling option. It deeply cleanses and tightens pores, while moisturizing and soothing the skin. Contains medicinal herbs and anti-acne complex. Apply it on wet skin for 10 minutes. After application, tingling is felt. After time, the composition is washed off with warm water. The mask is used 2 times a week, if necessary - three times. Salicylic acid penetrates well into the depths of the skin, exfoliates its upper layer, softens sebaceous plugs and pushes their contents out. After the procedure, you can wipe your face with salicylic lotion of the same brand.

For some, the problem area is the wings of the nose, where the wide pores are clogged with sebum and dust. It does not look aesthetically pleasing, in addition, there is a tendency to inflammation. For this area, it is convenient to use strips to cleanse the pores of the nose. They are familiar to many and produced by different manufacturers. The strip on one side is sticky. It is necessary to moisten the nose and glue the strip firmly with this side to the nose. Wait until dry and remove. On the strip are comedones with contents. Apply 1-2 times a week. If comedones protrude above the surface, then the effect will be better - a strip will capture them and pull them out. After the procedure, you need to wipe the face with a tonic and grease with a moisturizer.

To increase the effectiveness of treatment for patients with acne, complex therapy, including therapeutic cosmetics, is important. Currently, cosmetologists have at their disposal a wide range of products from this group. They provide hydration, prevent hyperkeratinization, normalize the release of sebum. All this causes a regression of elements and prevents the formation of new ones.

It is important that comprehensive care is aimed at self-regulation and hydration, and not at eliminating fat content by the aggressive effects of alcohols and other irritating substances. Cleanser must contain emollient (fat component), since hydration reduces the number of inflammatory elements. The inclusion of moisturizing and emollients (allantoingrape seed oil sodium hyaluronate) beneficially affects the condition of the skin and improves the effectiveness of treatment.

The acidity of the product is also important - acidic or neutral pH has less annoying effect. The main thing is that you can choose lines for the care of any skin. So, for example, the Joyskin dermatological line is intended for medical treatment of oily and combination skin. System Obagi Nu-Derm Fx Designed for dry and oily skin.

The complete Physiogel skin care series is suitable for daily care of sensitive, dry and dehydrated skin. This gel contains coconut oil and is close in acidity to the level of skin acidity. It contains no soap, alcohol and sodium laureth sulfateTherefore, it can be used for sensitive areas around the eyes. Its use allows you to cleanse the skin, soften and soothe.

In severe and moderate disease, treatment should be carried out by a specialist in the salon.Treatment combines not only local, but also the overall effect on the body, so to speak, from the inside. I mean the reception antibiotics and retinoids (isotretinoin, roaccutane) The latter have a sebostatic and anti-inflammatory effect. When applying retinoids inwardly, and especially externally, the stratum corneum thinns, the composition of lipids in it changes, and permeability increases. During treatment, the skin suffers from irritation and dryness, which in turn contributes to exacerbation of acne. Therefore, mandatory hydration is necessary, which has an anti-inflammatory effect and accelerates the skin's recovery process.

Clogged sebaceous glands of the scalp can cause hair loss, so you need to clean it by peeling. This is best done by a cosmetologist (peeling with fruit acids). At home, you can maintain the result with professional scrubs (Nioxin Scalp Renew Dermabraison Treatment or Farmavita phytopeeling) or home-made based on sea salt. You also need to periodically use deep cleansing shampoos.

Feedback and Results

The topic of female beauty and attractiveness is actively discussed by users of one or another cosmetics and adherents of different diets. This diet can be considered as a transition to a healthy diet, which is now widely promoted. It is balanced and easy to execute. Some women are burdened by the restriction of simple carbohydrates. The reviews mention that a healthy diet is associated with the condition of the skin. Equally important is the care of her.

Reviews about the mask excellent cleansing from Avon are found only positive. The mask contains Dead Sea minerals and quite effectively removes impurities and comedones, while reducing pores. By consistency, it is not dense and is well distributed on the face. Additionally gives a pleasant feeling of cleanliness and freshness. It is also important that after its application small inflammations disappear. Other brands of cosmetics are mentioned in the reviews.

  • "... Refused from the constant struggle with oily skin - from alcohol tonics and lotions, because they are terribly dry. Now I use only soft foams, alcohol-free tonics and moisturizers. To care for problem skin, she chose the line of MBR products (German cosmetics). The skin began to shine less, less peeling and rashes. The second achievement - I began to eat right and go in for sports. It turned out to be quite simple to switch to baked or boiled meat and fish and eliminate sweets. Before, chocolate and sweets were eaten every day and noticed that in combination with wine, they cause redness and rashes. Over the past three months there has not been a single red spot on the face. I like my new lifestyle";
  • "... My struggle with acne began 4 years ago, and when I fought with them, it only drained my skin. Now I use Physiogel - I took a cream gel for washing and an Intensive cream, periodically changing it to a simple moisturizer. I like that this is pharmacy cosmetics, which means that the composition is correct, necessary and tested. I can say about my feelings. After 10 days, turgor returned, moisturizing. Now there is no tightness and constant irritation and itching. I try to eat right - nuts, vegetables, vegetable oils, seeds and seeds (I like chia seeds and are very useful), boiled chicken and fish, a lot of homemade yogurts. If you follow the nutrition, then with the face everything will be fine";
  • "... I am in favor of using one line. Indeed, in the stomach we push everything that has hit, so on the face, so that there is no unforeseen reaction, it is necessary to apply means of one line, that is, combined. I use Avene - a little expensive, but high quality and is used sparingly. Of course, I follow the nutrition. For me, a lot of fruits and vegetables are just a joy, if even a fish, cottage cheese and yogurt are generally happiness. I make diet yogurt myself and use it as a dressing in salads. I like different cereals, I eat bran bread and rice crackers. Even for myself, I began to cook jam and jams with brown sugar (although a little, while the trial batch) - sometimes I want sweets and not very harmful. And so I manage dried fruits and nuts".

Diet price

The cost part of the diet is fish, seafood, nuts and high-quality oils. Vegetables and fruits also increase in price in the winter season. The cost of food can be 1500-1600 rubles. in Week.

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