Chocolate fasting day

General rules

Among the products used for fasting days, a seemingly inappropriate product such as chocolate is also used. Nevertheless, despite its relatively high calorie content, it can also be used in the unloading power system. Immediately, we are talking about high-quality dark chocolate with a cocoa content of 72 percent or more. It is not recommended to use white, milk, cream and other types of chocolate, since they contain too much sugar and other undesirable ingredients. Only 3 ingredients may be present in quality dark chocolate: grated cocoa, cocoa butter and sugar / sweetener.

The nutritional value of a product is determined by the properties and composition of cocoa beans. 100 dark chocolate contains proteins (6.5-7.8 g), fats (42.0-50.0 g), carbohydrates (45.5-52.0 g). It contains saturated / monounsaturated fatty acids, caffeine, theobromine, flavonoidsorganic acids, dietary fiber, vitamins (BUT, IN 1, IN 2, AT 5, AT 6, TO, PP, E, lutein, beta-carotene, macro / trace elements: zinc, potassium manganese, phosphorus, magnesium, selenium, calcium, iron, sodium, copper).

Calorie content, depending on the percentage of each component of chocolate, varies between 460-540 kcal / 100 g. Dark chocolate is a “fast” carbohydrate, but it has a low glycemic index (about 30), unlike white and milk chocolate, whose GI varies between 45-70, respectively, their use quickly increases blood sugar levels. The daily norm of consumption of dark dark chocolate is 25-30 g.

Useful properties of dark chocolate:

  • Contributes to the development of endorphin (hormone of joy) and lower levels cortisol (a hormone produced under stress).
  • Reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Theobromine in the composition of chocolate supports the tone of the heart muscle. Flavonoids increase vascular elasticity, improve blood circulation, inhibit the formation of blood clotsreduce arterial pressurelower blood cholesterol.
  • Improves cerebral blood flow, concentration and memory, activates the function of the brain, increases efficiency.
  • Antioxidantscontained in chocolate strengthens immunity (stimulates the production of local immunity factor - immunoglobulin A) slow down the aging process of cells.
  • Effectively restores the energy potential of the body after physical exertion.

An unloading day on chocolate involves the inclusion in the diet of a bar of dark chocolate, weighing 100 g, which is divided into 5 receptions. There are several options for a fasting day on chocolate.

  • The first, more stringent option involves the inclusion in the diet of only chocolate and liquid, which is recommended to use green or herbal tea, mineral still or purified water. The volume of fluid consumed should be at least 2.0 l / day. Liquid should be taken 30 minutes after ingestion of chocolate. A number of authors advise drinking coffee (without sugar and milk), since coffee has a fat-burning effect. In principle, you can drink coffee, but not with chocolate and not in the afternoon, because the risk of side effects is potentiated: allergic reactions (skin rash), irritability, insomniaincreased blood pressure. It is safer and no less effective to lose weight on green tea and chocolate, which also contributes to weight loss, has a diuretic effect, tones up and quenches thirst after eating sweets.
  • The second option is more gentle. The diet is expanded by the inclusion of low-fat kefir or yogurt in an amount of 1.0 liter, with which 200 g of chocolate is washed down for each chocolate intake. At the same time, the amount of free fluid in the drinking diet should be at least 1.2-1.5 l / day.

It is recommended to practice chocolate fasting day no more than once every 15 days. As already emphasized for the unloading procedure, it is important to choose the right chocolate. Consider the main criteria that you need to pay attention to when choosing chocolate. Do not buy chocolate if it:

  • Made from genetically modified cocoa beans. It is important to choose chocolate that has a certificate of organic origin for cocoa beans.
  • It contains a large percentage of cocoa powder. This ingredient is formed after squeezing the oil from cocoa beans and is cheaper and less useful compared to grated cocoa. The percentage of cocoa in quality bitter chocolate ranges from 70 to 85%.
  • If it contains other types of fat, except cocoa butter. Most often, in order to reduce the cost of chocolate, manufacturers inject coconut, palm or soybean oil, which leads to the formation of trans fats that have a negative effect on the body.
  • Contains high amounts of sugar (brown sugar), fructose, corn syrup or artificial sweeteners such as cyclamate, sucralose, saccharin or aspartame. It is recommended to choose chocolate not only with a low sugar content, but give preference to chocolate sweetened with natural sweeteners (stevia, arhat), which are several times sweeter than sugar and have minimal calorie content and zero glycemic index.
  • Contain flavor enhancers, colorants and preservatives: Ponceau 4R (E124), maltol (E636) and others that may cause an allergic reaction and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Manufacturers add these ingredients, as a rule, to low-quality chocolate in order to make it more tasty and attractive. The presence of an emulsifier lecithin (E322) in the composition of chocolate is allowed by GOST and its presence should not push you away from the purchase. But if there is an alternative in the form of natural chocolate without lecithin - choose it.
  • If there is a specific or white coating on the chocolate resulting from improper storage of the product. A quality bar of dark chocolate should be naturally shiny and glossy. When breaking high-quality chocolate, a loud crunch is heard, and a broken tile should remain dull. High-quality chocolate should leave dark marks on the hands, since the melting point of cocoa butter is much lower than the temperature of the human body, so pollution is impossible to avoid.

Also, it must be emphasized that, since chocolate increases the level of serotonin and endorphins, it is possible to develop cravings for chocolate (addiction), especially during periods of exposure to stressful circumstances, so try to control the dose of chocolate intake.

Allowed Products

Fasting day on chocolate includes in your diet:

  • Bitter chocolate, Babaevsky bitter chocolate, ritter sport bitter chocolate.
  • Green tea, black coffee, mineral non-carbonated or filtered water.
  • Fat-free kefir / low fat, natural yogurt.

Approved Product Table

Proteins, gFats, gCarbohydrates, gCalories, kcal
chocolate ritter sport bitter6,232,152,6524
bitter chocolate babaevsky8,036,046,8540
bitter chocolate6,235,448,2539
kefir 0%3,00,13,830
kefir 1%2,81,04,040
kefir product bio balance 1%3,01,05,041
natural yogurt 2%4,32,06,260
natural yogurt4,53,56,375
mineral water0,00,00,0-
coffee black0,20,00,32
green tea0,00,00,0-
* data are per 100 g of product

Fully or partially restricted products

Inclusion in the diet of any food and drink other than permitted is prohibited.

Menu (Power Mode)

The chocolate diet menu, even in a gentle way, is extremely simple due to the inclusion of only a few foods in the diet:

  • dark chocolate (20 g);
  • a cup of coffee without sugar and milk.
  • dark chocolate (20 g);
  • a glass of fat-free kefir.
  • dark chocolate (20 g);
  • green tea without sugar with a slice of lemon.
High tea
  • dark chocolate (20 g).
  • dark chocolate (20 g);
  • natural yogurt (200 g).
For the night
  • tea with mint.


Chocolate fasting days are not recommended when diabetes, allergies for cocoa beans obesity, gout, hypotensionmetabolic disorders migrainediseases of the joints during of pregnancy/ lactation urolithiasissleep disturbances (insomnia).

Advantages and disadvantages

  • The simplicity of a diet fasting day and affordability.
  • Mild hunger and lack of psychological discomfort.
  • There are a number of absolute / relative contraindications.


Chocolate discharge day reviews and results

Reviews of people who regularly practice fasting day on dark chocolate are mostly positive.

  • "... I regularly arrange myself a chocolate fasting day. For a long time I was looking for some non-standard product for a fasting day. And since I'm a terrible sweet tooth, I chose a chocolate fasting day for myself. I use chocolate in combination with green tea, as I practically do not eat coffee. Hunger is almost absent or very slight. I can easily stand it, I advise all the sweet tooth. But look for quality dark chocolate".
  • "... Honestly, when a friend offered me a chocolate fasting day, I told her that she was crazy. But looking for information on the Internet, I was convinced that chocolate can also be used to unload the body. We decided to try it. It turned out that everything was fine, but I decided for myself that in the future I would use more suitable products for unloading - sour milk, cottage cheese or vegetables".

Diet price

A fasting day on dark chocolate is a low-cost one. The cost of the diet depends on the quality (respectively, cost) of dark chocolate, the cost of drinks (coffee, green tea, yogurt, kefir) and can vary between 100-200 rubles per day.

Watch the video: FULL DAY OF EATING. IIFYM. INTERMITTENT FASTING. Dove Chocolate Bar Gainz w Alan Jaramillo (February 2020).

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